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Multiple Wireless Networking Solutions at Lake Wireless

A lot of work goes into running any company, no matter the size. IT and computer network (wireless or cable) is an integral part of any business, but having on-staff IT can be expensive. One of the most popular options is outsourcing Managed Network Services.

With over 40+ years of computer networking experience, Lake Wireless can help you with your ongoing managed network services. We work based on network concepts, so we can work with any software or hardware environments. Here are some of the more popular outsourced or Managed Network Services options - contact us if there are other IT needs you are considering.

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Managed Network Services

Your network needs to be maintained. Upgrades, troubleshooting (on-site and off-site), and routine maintenace are all things that can not be ignored. We keep your network running seamlessly, and when it has issues, we solve the issue ASAP. Managed Network Services make it simple, with one monthly charge that includes guaranteed maintenance and support, with a flexible hour block that can be rolled over into the next month.

Cloud Network Services

Business can run much better on the cloud. File sharing, document sharing, shared workspaces all help your employees work more efficiently with each other. Our Cloud Services makes implementation and maintenance on your cloud network easy. With experience with Google G-Suite, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Office 365, we can help you find the best cloud networking implementation for your business.

Performance Evaluation

Whether you are experiencing coverage issues or if it has just been a while since your last network upgrade or improvement, we can run a highly detailed performance report that is readable and actionable. Technology, hardware, and best practices can change quickly in this industry. With technical licensing partnerships such as AirMagnet, we can use our technology to evaluate current network performance (or issues).

Emergency Response Solutions

You can secure a block of hours for the year, which we can use to be on-site or off-site for emergency troubleshooting or projects.

VOIP Support

Voice Over IP and analog phone systems routinely require implementation, upgrades, and maintenance.

Multiple Industries

We serve nearly any industry, such as: Retail, Warehouses, Universities, Senior Living Facilities, and Small Businesses.

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